I glad to meet on my blog John Chow, the author of  very popular blog johnchow.com about making money online.

John Chow

John, when and where you was born, how old are you, where are you living now?
I was born in Mainland China in a small farming village. My family immigrated to Canada when I was seven years old. We didn’t have any money. I grew up in a very poor neighborhood call the Downtown Eastside. It was the poorest neighborhood in all of Canada. I currently live in West Vancouver, which is the richest neighborhood in Canada.

What is your education?
I have a degree in business management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

When you knowing about internet?
I discovered the Internet in late 1997. I was there for the Dot Com Boom, lived through the Dot Com Crash 2001 and stuck around long enough to ride the boom again.

When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in December 2005. My first blog was my personal blog JohnChow.com. I started the blog to learn more about the new blogging medium and update friends and family to what I was doing and the events that were happening in my life.

Is the John Chow dot com your first blog or there are other your older blogs?
John Chow dot Com is my first blog. Before it became a blog, it was a static home page with nothing more than my name and photo on it.

When do you understand than you can make money online?
I’ve been making money online since 1997. I already knew money could be made by blogging but never did it until September 2006. It was never my intention to make money from John Chow dot Com. I had other sites that made money for me.

From what kind of earning money online did you start?
Before the blog, I ran a group of technology review sites that made all the money. I use the experience I grain from running to site and applied it to the blog. I also run an ad network that help other sites make money online. I’ve been making a full time living on the Internet since 1998.

What kinds of make money online do you use on John Chow dot com? Say something about all monetization methods, please.
Most people think my blog makes its money from advertising. While there are a lot of ads on the blog and those ads do make over $10,000 per month, the majority of the blog’s income comes from the backend sales system. I explained how the backend works in this video post http://www.johnchow.com/how-i-make-40000-a-month-from-a-blog/

Why do you choose worpdress as blog engine?
I choose WordPress because it was the easiest software to use, it had the most plugins and it was free.

Who is the author of your wordpress template?
Nate Whitehill from Unique Blog Designs did my theme. He is a great designer and I highly recommend him.

Why didn’t you use google adsense for monetisation johnchow.com?
I make more selling the space myself

How much posts did you write still starting blogging and how much comments on johnchow.com?
I do 2 to 3 blog post per day. They average over 50 comments each.

Do you use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) methods foк promotion you blog.
Not really. Don’t care much about SEO. I just make sure I have good titles and run the All In One SEO plugin and leave it at that.

What part of visitors to your blog going from search engines?
Maybe 10%

What else traffic sources to you blog?
Bookmarks are my biggest traffic source, follow by Twitter.

Take a secret, how did you have so much subscribers via feedburbner?
I bribe them to subscribe, mostly by holding contests and offering free incentives.

Take a secret, how did you have so much followers on twitter?
I bribe them as well.

What kinds of tweets you usually use (new posts, photosm what else)?
I just tweet whatever is on my mind, on my blog and sponsored tweets that I find interesting.

Can you say something about other your internet projects?
I’m working on an online blogging course. It should go live in the new year.

Have offline hobby?
Fining dinning at high end restaurants.

Where do you find advertisers for your blog? Are you use any services?
I don’t look for advertisers. I just let them come to me.

What further plans for blogging?
I am developing a blogging course that should be ready in Jan 2010.

What part of the visitor comes to twitter to your blog?
Twitter is my 2nd biggest referrals after bookmarks.

Your suggestions for Russian bloggers
Learn English if you really want to make money from blogging.

Your suggestions for terehoff.com
Have an English version because the blog looks great but I can’t read it.