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I publish here english translated post about blogging, search engine optimization, making money online, interviews with popular people, such as John Chow, for example.

Эффективный сервис для продвижения в google (как пользоваться)

08.12.2009 — Рубрика: English

Interview with John Chow, the author of very popular blog JohnChow.com

I glad to meet on my blog John Chow, the author of  very popular blog johnchow.com about making money online.

John Chow

John, when and where you was born, how old are you, where are you living now?
I was born in Mainland China in a small farming village. My family immigrated to Canada when I was seven years old. We didn’t have any money. I grew up in a very poor neighborhood call the Downtown Eastside. It was the poorest neighborhood in all of Canada. I currently live in West Vancouver, which is the richest neighborhood in Canada.

25.09.2009 — Рубрика: English

Interview with John P., onemansblog.com author

Hi John. Glad to meet you on my blog terehoff.com. When and where was you born. How old are you. Where do you live now?
I was born and still live in Dallas, Texas, USA although I also lived in the Washinton DC area for several years. I’m 39 years old.

What is your education?
I attended the University of Texas at Dallas and studied Finance and Economics, though I dropped out to work before getting my BS degree. I have also attended programs at Harvard.

How was your first work offline?
The first job I ever had, when I was 15, was working for an ice cream shop! Then most of my professional life was spent in sales management.

What is your work now?
I am the CEO and a partner in iFusion Labs, the company that brings you Woopra.

05.05.2009 — Рубрика: English

Google in Zoo

There are some photos from Moscow Zoo with Google’s advertisement.

Glass bear.


08.04.2009 — Рубрика: English

Interview with american monemaker Collin LaHay

The first international interview with american moneymaker Collin LaHay. Meeting Collin.

Hello Collin, when and where you was born?

I was born November 9th, 1989 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


13.03.2009 — Рубрика: English

Protection against theft of content — is another issue

Stealing content from blogging is still a serious problem. One way to combat them described Sergei Koksharov in his blog article how to deal with sploggers, effective method. But it seems to me that it still is not as effective. I propose a different way, like to steal your content into a small benefit.The essence of the idea is simple. In the Post put a link on your own. Then all those who automatically takes the content and inserts its splogi, most of which are TIC and OL will be the default «inadvertently» put links to you. Will you increase Bekovo that will allow you to slightly raise your puzomerki, as well as enhance the credibility of your pages.
Realization for wordpress as follows.
Finds in the theme file single.php and look for it the following lines:

<?php the_content(’Read the rest of this entry &raquo;’);?>


<?php comments_template(); ?>

Between them you need to insert the following code:

<p><a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>”><?php the_title(); ?></a> — <a href=”http://yoursite.ru”>Site name</a></p>

Thus the code will extract the file single.php and look like this:

<?php the_content(’Read the rest of this entry &raquo;’);?>

<p><a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>”><?php the_title(); ?></a> — <a href=”http://yoursite.ru”>Site name</a></p>

<?php comments_template(); ?>

Italics highlight the code that you need to insert your own. The result has been tested in one of my blog about creating websites. Based on the RSS reader, links are displayed as I should.

Thus at the end of the pasted two links: one for himself as second to the main page of your blog. Other interesting options for implementing the fullest extent. Main have little direct hands and all you get!

It is not yet decided to use the idea en masse, but on this blog so far will not enjoy, experiment to another.

The idea I suggested Globator, which at the end of each post before posting poses a direct link to the home page of your blog.
I will not violate the tradition and put a link to the home page of your blog!
For dessert, funny cartoon about the theft on the railway!

04.03.2009 — Рубрика: English

Working in Google

I felt drawn something on Google. Perhaps somewhere inside, I grew up before that. When I wrote the post about moving to Google, I found on the work of Google and decided to write this separate article. Already hurt them all interesting and tempting. And the prospects of a boundless, as well as the limitless internet! To give some interesting facts from the life of the company.

The company has no strict dress code. You can come into the office at any convenient for you to dress. Also, there is no rigid vertical hierarchy.

To staff the office, located in California, is equipped with a swimming pool, gym, volleyball, billiards and other benefits of civilization that does not turn sour in the workplace, and work comfortably.

At work you can bring their pets to not be bored without them, but they do not get bored with you.

Getting a job can be on a free bus or private car, which you pomoyut free and, if necessary, carry out maintenance. If you suddenly want to change the car for a cleaner, then you to throw this $ 5000.

There is also a partner program. If you bring into the state and he worked for two months, then you rely $ 2000.

Anyone who is excellent work, Google podkidyvaet $ 8000 a year on education.

In California, the office staff can get free massages. They also made gourmet meals and the services of professional hairdressers at the expense of the company.

In recent years, the average salary of programmers grew by 50%.

According to unofficial data, the computer network Google is more than one million computers and servers. Through its own to develop a platform extension of the network infrastructure of the cluster takes place in a matter of time.

To show a movie premiere at the 6000 Google reserves building a large theater for the entire day. Naturally, staff members attend it for free. Each employee can carry out free with one guest.

In the Google Network are available fotogorafii over 16000 employees.

Google Employees are very well fed. There is an internal rule that food should be located no more than 50 meters away from the job. At offices here and there scattered with desks, free food and restaurants.

Each employee receives a laptop on a choice for personal use. Moreover, it provide a modern desktop computer with two monitors measuring 21 inch. You can see this in the video at the end of Lent.

Each employee is entitled to 20% of the time to spend on themselves personally. It can play games, watch movies, to keep a personal blog.

Every Friday, employees get together to discuss the outcome of last week. Every Friday will send the results of their work during the week that saw his other achievements and have the opportunity to evaluate them. This further stimulates the performance of the team as a whole.

Fortune Magazine in the next ranking of the best American employers at Google has put the company first place in 2007.

Server Google Search Appliance, used for medium and large businesses, has no restrictions on the number of users and processing documents.

Most of the staff of Google — the programmers, engineers, mathematicians, ie people in the profession who miraculously splelas science and art.

Company’s office is open 24 hours a day, so that employees choose, at any time they choose to work. By 12 hours in the office is, at best, half the staff.

At Google, as it may seem not very popular cars. Most employees come to the workplace on their bikes.

Recently, there has been an interesting trend is the best move by Microsoft to Google. The company Bill Gates has even filed in court on Google, but all to no avail. It is likely that this trend will continue for a long time.

Founder Sergey Brin goes on minimally harmful to the environment car Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid car.

Virtually every major decision the company made on the basis of quantitative analysis. This helped to set up a system for processing information used by dozens of professional analysts.

Manual Liberalism so great delays of over that handing projects programmers penalties than receive. On the contrary, if you implement all-in-time, then take a little — and receive an additional burden.

But the same can not be so many pluses and no minuses. And it certainly is! A job in a company it is very difficult. There are just professionals. When a job to look at your knowledge of mathematics, as well as on the average score in the school.

Founder Sergey Brin do not received a university degree, but in hiring more interest attaches to PhDs. Blin, that will defend the thesis will try to find it!

Videos about working in Google.


24.02.2009 — Рубрика: English

Do you like go far away with your mind?

You see! We are all together were children.  Then we outgrow, became independent, individual. Every person have idology, his mind, hobby. And all of theese things are individual. So every person is individual. And his mistakes are individual too. And his doing are individual, because it is his doing! We go through our life, take a mistakes, feather a cones, occur at the rake and so on. But if person isn’t a fool, he wouldn’t occur at this rake and he woldn’t feather this cones again. For example, this snake have decided to bite an energized electrical cabel. And it is dead! I would not do so in its place. But it decided that it was steeper and paid for it!

Why many of us in a certain age trying to attempt to live independently? Resolve their problems independently? But in addition, is responsible for their actions and decisions. Unfortunately, self-responsibility for their actions and decisions can not all.
Man in a corner of life’s circumstances have several ways to exit from this corner.
  1. Stay in the corner — this typical example — ordinary tramp, don’t  confuse with Internet-tramp!
  2. Meet in a fist and push these circumstances is deeply and permanently. So it’s units. And usually not immediately. But there are always exceptions and we should try to focus on them!
  3. Change your attitude to the circumstances — the wise way. Only now is not all. But old uncle Terehov advise this method of getting rid of problems. Or rather not get rid, and overcome! Feel the  difference!
Unusual problem’s resolving:  «If somebody decide to rape you, then relax and enjoy.» Only now able to relax, not everyone, if you suddenly conceived rape. Another way out of this situation was even one case. The girl who tried to rape just took and grabbed penis of a member and gave him this way to the police station. This is an example of the application of paragraph number two. Unfortunately, this is just an exception …
I read the wise man’s words in smart boor ! «If what it took, go to the end, kick for their victory before the end. But if you feel that you can not, it is better to retreat, has gained strength, wait to inflict a decisive blow then!»
What I do is write. Yes, all the same. Many authors write about motivation. I read them, but all I know this things my ass already felt! I wrote not so much about motivation at this post.  As about the way decisions and / or overcome the pressing problems … And most importantly, do not listen to «good advisers» whom in your life will occur a lot. Do you know why on Lenin Square, which is virtually in every city, sex uncomfortable? Because people wouldl interfere with tips. So indeed! So it is in life.
I don’t say you should  change your life radically.  But I recommend — it is necessary above all to live in harmony with yourself.  You shouldn’t  running, moving, etc just now for changing your life. Enough to encompass all ustakanit, and then the problems are the property as if it is right to say to deteriorate and become a problem in micro problem which the brush off, as from flies.
But for those who can’t do it, send me a message, may be worked to heap a psychologist, and then look that way. Maybe then the money to put this …
Comrades moneymakers and not, reading this post. I appeal especially to you. Online a little easier — for the convenience of constantly creating various projects. Offline, the more difficult projects had to create yourself. Therefore, these projects created in the offline and uncle Fredd, earn money, and you would  have all. How to make, this is another question! Check out the blog, Blogroll, http://homelerss.org/. If your eyes on the ground, the head of the brain, rather than pope, fingers have to press the buttons, does not misses sex… Forgot about another motivation. If you are hardworking and willing to really work hard to earn, then you will! You see!
For funny dessert two photoes!

Nice to meet you on my blog! Thanks for onemansblog.com very much for excursion to American Internet